Established in 1938, McCauley's is headquartered in the heart of Kentucky Bluegrass country, home and nursery to the world’s finest horses.

Nestled in the heart of Kentucky’s Bluegrass region, home and nursery of the world’s finest horses, McCauley Feeds (McCauley’s) has been building champion equine athletes since 1938. McCauley’s, now an Alltech company, is a dedicated equine-only nutrition company specializing in the formulation of premium feeds and nutritional supplements. They are home to one of the equine community’s most trusted technical teams, aligning expertise and practical experience with personalized problem solving.

From affordable maintenance to elite performance products, McCauley’s covers a wide range of needs and delivers quality-assured nutrition programs to all horses and horse owners. McCauley’s facility is a medication-free plant, dedicated exclusively to the production of premium equine feeds. Their stringent quality standards and outstanding technical support are unmatched by any other U.S.-based equine feed company.

McCauley’s, an Alltech company, has been field proven and time tested since 1938.