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McCauley's® offers proven formulas in pelleted and textured forms for horses at all stages of life. These formulas are designed to deliver optimal nutrition for all breeds and disciplines. The McCauley's line includes feeds for breeding, growing, performance, show and nutritionally-challenged horses.

* Product availability varies by location.

Textured   Pelleted  
Finisher 14™Textured Feed Formulated for Show and Sales-Prepping Horses
breeding harness racing show yearling 
Original® 12 TexturedTextured Oat-based Feed for Broodmares and Stallions
breeding stallion 
Original® 14 TexturedTextured Feed Formulated for Breeding and Growing Horses
breeding stallion yearling 
Original® 16 TexturedTextured Oat-based Feed for Growing Horses
breeding yearling 
Post Time®Textured Feed for Performance Horses
eventing harness racing western 
Primage RM™Textured Feed for Performance Horses
eventing harness racing 
Runner's Rhythm™Textured Feed for Performance Horses
eventing harness racing 
Top Ten™Premium Textured Feed For Performance Horses
dressage eventing harness racing western 
Trail Time®Textured Feed for Horses at Maintenance or Light Work
pasture trail 
Triformance®Textured Feed with High Levels of Antioxidants for Performance Horses
eventing harness racing 
Winning Time™Textured Feed for Performance Horses
eventing harness racing